Spa cello gift with F&L soy candle, Thrive bath salts and bath bombs, and a chocolate treat.

Spa Cello Gift

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A soothing gift for a relaxing holiday.


  • Thrive Bath Company bath salts*
  • F & L Candle Co. candle*
  • Thrive Bath Company bath bomb*
  • Mini candy canes
  • Assorted chocolates


This gift is gluten-free.

*If you would like specific scents for the bath salts, candle, and bath bomb, please let us know in the order notes or contact form.

Bath salt scents include: Lavender & Vanilla and Chamomile & Citrus, candle scents include: Lavender & Vanilla, Cucumber & Green Tea, and Winter Night, and bath bomb scents include: Lavender & Vanilla and Eucalyptus.